How we can help

How we can help

Beacon Family Hub

As well as our victim services, we launched the Beacon Family Hub in August 2021 after identifying an urgent gap in support for families living in Hertfordshire where there is Child On Parent Violence (CPV) occurring within the home. The Family Hub uses a trauma informed approach to provide support to the family as a whole, providing tools and techniques to lower risk and prevent escalation as-well as repairing the relationships between all family members.

An assessment will be carried out to assess the needs and then a support plan will be tailored to each families need, so support will look different for everyone. We use different ways to provide support and use a combination of face to face, telephone and email/text, which also helps us meet the needs of all parties.

A few examples of the support given by our Beacon Support Workers are:

  • Emotional support

  • Safety Planning

  • Anger management

  • Understanding emotions

  • Triggers and responses

Our Beacon Support Workers will be providing a Parenting Programme course in the New Year following the non-violence resistance model. The course offers a series of tools and techniques to support parents and carers of children / young people who display challenging attitudes and behaviours, its also a great opportunity to meet with other parents who have gone through similar experiences and to understand that you are not alone.

Currently our referral process is through a professional referral. If you have a family you would like to refer, please email


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