Beacon is Hertfordshire’s Victim Care Centre and is staffed by professionals from both Hertfordshire Constabulary and Catch 22, an independent organisation commissioned to support victims of crime in Hertfordshire. At Beacon, our primary focus is to help you cope and recover from your ordeal. Our team of dedicated and trained professionals will support you every step of the way.

What happens after a crime?

If you have reported the crime to the Police, you will automatically be contacted by the Victim Service Team who will advise you of:

  • Your Crime Reference Number

  • What happens next

  • The services available to you

As part of the Victims’ Code, Beacon staff aim to keep you updated in a way that suits you so you know what is happening with your investigation.

If you have not reported the crime to police:

Help and support is still available to you. You can contact Beacon via the Contact us link or call 0300 0115 555.


When and how Beacon will contact you

You should be updated within ׅ5 working days if a suspect is:
  • Arrested

  • Released without charge

  • Considered for a change in bail conditions

  • Interviewed under caution

  • Released on police bail

You will be asked how you would like to be notified of progress with your crime and how often you would like to be updated.

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