Reporting a Crime

For many people, reporting a crime can seem like a really big step, especially when they are a victim of a violent crime. Beacon can be there to guide you through a number of the stages that follow once you report a crime, so you won’t be on your own. When a crime is reported, the information can be used to prevent other crimes, helping to keep other people safe.


In an emergency, always call 999

  • Emergencies include being mugged, badly hurt, or attacked in any way, or if you have seen a serious crime being committed
  • Your call should be answered within 10 seconds
  • Depending on the situation you describe, a police officer or other emergency services, such the ambulance service, may be sent to come and help you

To report a non-emergency crime, call 101 or visit your nearest police station

  • Examples of non-emergency crimes are stolen cars, damage to property or general concerns about crime in your area
  • If you had seen a serious crime being committed at some time in the past

To report a hate crime you can, call 999 in an emergency, or if a non-emergency you can call 101 or visit your nearest police station

  • Alternatively, you can report a hate crime through using their online form
  • If you would like assistance reporting via this method, Beacon Victim Care is a Third-Party reporting centre for hate crime in Herts and we can assist you to complete a report on this website.
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