Victims’ Right to Review

If you are unhappy with a decision that’s been made by the police or the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) not to prosecute a suspect, or to terminate the proceedings, you may find the Victims’ Right to Review scheme helpful. This service will help you to understand the reasons that led to the decision being taken and can help you to seek a review if you remain dissatisfied or feel your case has not been handled appropriately.

Your Beacon Support Worker will be able to discuss this with you directly and help you to start the process of a review.


A victim can request a review when:

  • the police have decided not to bring proceedings in a case where the police have the authority to charge

  • the police have decided that the case does not meet the Threshold Test for referral to the CPS for a charging decision

  • the Crown Prosecution Service have decided not to charge the suspect, to discontinue proceedings, or offer no further evidence in court

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