Alternatives to court

Community Resolution

Community Resolution is an option that the police, Crown Prosecution Service or Youth Offending Team can consider for certain lower level crimes and antisocial behaviour. It is not available in cases where the offender does not admit responsibility or when crimes are committed by repeat offenders.

You will be informed if an out of court option is considered to be a more appropriate method of dealing with your case, rather than the offender going to court. A range of Community Resolution options can be considered, depending on the type of offence committed, the age of the offender and the particular circumstances.


Options available with Community Resolution include:

  • Payment for any damage caused

  • Providing you with a written or verbal apology

  • Referral to a substance misuse programme (where appropriate)

  • Entering into a contract which sets out acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. If this contract is broken, it can be used as evidence for further action

A police offer will discuss the situation with you, so that the best solution can be found. Your views will be taken into account before any final decision is made.

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